San Francisco

Nothing succeeds like success. When technology giant Cisco acquired Meraki, a company known for their inventive hardware, one factor that was quickly noted by the Cisco employees was the refreshingly modern and functionally innovative look of the Meraki work space.

Andrew Parker


photography by Bruce Damonte

A look inside one of Cisco's meeting rooms.

This was the result of the forward-thinking creatives of O+A and was also a project with which we were proudly involved. As part of what became known as the “Cisco Reboot” they wanted the same magic in their own offices. O+A was called in to make lighting strike again. Consequentially, CRI was awarded the opportunity to repeat our performance in the management of complex projects for which we are known. We created two teams to cover all the bases including watching the budget and the time clock. From that initial project we went on to do several other buildings with Cisco. And Meraki!

"The Cisco Systems projects were a great success in part due to the hard work and dedication from the team at CRI. With such a large and diverse furniture selection and extremely tight schedule restrictions, CRI delivered the client and design team amazing service from beginning to end."

Dan Kretchmer, Senior Project Manager, Studio O+A