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With the current real estate market greatly accelerating the gestation period from a client signing a lease to when they have to move in, a quick turnaround in design development, specification and installation is becoming a norm to which we all have to adapt. This was never truer than with Expedia as they moved into their new offices. Added to that was a limited budget as to what they were prepared to spend. They also knew that the space had to look really cool if they were going to attract and retain first class employees in the competitive San Francisco technology talent pool.

Joe Grace


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Working with the very creative and open minded design team at Rapt we found this challenge exhilarating. Since we had excellent relationships with the vendors partners we included in the project, making critical dates and moving forward to a successful completion was a lot easier than it seemed. We even got to tap into our resources for quality vintage furniture for those areas that needed a special personality.

In addition we had several conversations with Expedia about how to ease their existing employees into their new space and assuage any concerns about a loss of Expedia’s flexible and open employee culture.

Even we can’t believe that it all came together so well in such a short time frame. And looks so fantastic. 

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"CRI was able to run with our conceptual design presentation and come back with a package that hit all of our targets. The approach was a mixture of running-line, budget-friendly products and unique vintage finds that allowed the client to afford a few higher end pieces to anchor the package." 

Joseph White, Rapt Studio Project Designer

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