San Francisco

Someone described software developers Github as “what Google is to web search, Github is to coders”. They are very much in the forefront of the technology revolution. However, when they set out to create a new work space, they wanted a look that referenced such diverse influences as the Industrial Revolution, the Rat Pack, a speakeasy and even the Oval Office! The spirit of the space is to give Githubbers the freedom to choose on a daily basis which work setting will suit them that day. Part of the excitement for CRI was to be involved in the development of the work settings with MASH studios. In addition to the industrial chic look they had to be fully functional. The bigger part of the thrill was working with a dream team from the two seamlessly blended design firms to the expert coordination from the project managers.

Joe Grace


"You were true partners in every sense of the word and your participation and deep understanding and invaluable insight into what we were trying to accomplish for Github's new 55,000 sf office space was essential for its successful outcome."

Doug Mehl, Architect Fennie + Mehl

GitHub was a complicated project, but with CRI's professionalism, ongoing communication and "hands on" attitude with the client, the contractor and their subs as well as other vendors made for a very successful completion.

Aly Ebzery, CRE Group Project Manager